About 2bfresh
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About us

2BFresh is a subsidiary of Teshuva Agricultural Projects Ltd. TAP produces agricultural products using advanced methods and provides consulting services for establishing new agricultural ventures. TAP’s advanced methods result in fresh culinary fresh herbs and lettuces being grown in soilless culture. This unique growing method leaves the plants free of insects, sand, pesticides, etc. Our production methods are environmental friendly, all water are recycled, no waste water are polluting the ground.

2bfresh is a leader in the Israeli market for microleaves. Our products are exported to the following countries:

UK, Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Switzerland, Hong Kong & USA

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Our Micro leaves

Among its quality fresh herbs, 2BFresh delivers a totally innovative product, a wide variety of completely ready-to-use micro leaves , also known as micro-greens. In 200 grams ,40 grams, 30 grams and 15 grams personal package. Micro leaves advantages Micro leaves are tiny plants full of flavor and nutrition. Micro leaves are smaller and more tender than baby lettuce, yet more robust and flavorful than sprouts. Micro leaves are delicious and ideal for salads, main dishes, soups, as well as garnishing. The intense flavor and vivid color add dynamism to any dish.They are considered “functional foods”. In addition to their high nutritional values (functional foods are known to have disease-preventing properties and health-improving properties as well).

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Our Hydroponic Fresh Herbs

“One of the most pleasing moments, of our day to day work, is to see the amazed glimpse in the eyes of the person who taste our products for the first time”. TAP’s advanced agricultural methods result in our fresh culinary Herbs being grown in soil less culture. The unique growing method insures the following advantages:
·         Exceptionally tasty and crispy
·         Perfectly clean
·         All year round supply
·         Longer shelf-life
·         Competitive prices
·         “Kosher” under strict Rabbinical supervision