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Microleaves, also known as microgreens are considered super foods because of their high levels of vitamins and nutrients -- much more than in mature vegetables. They are full of flavor and add aesthetic appeal to your culinary dishes . . . . and they go crunch when you eat them. 

We grow and market over 30 types of tasty, vitamin-packed microgreens. Check them out.

What can you do with microgreens?

Add microgreens to everything: salads, sandwiches, soups, pasta, protein dishes, health shakes -- even desserts.

We are  GREEN 

Our microgreens are grown in protected greenhouses on soil-less substrate that are free of insects and soil or sand. Cut and packaged micro-leaves are clean and ready to use.​

We proudly support the United Nations



​We use only pesticide-free growing methods.

There is no groundwater pollution during our growing cycles.

We have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to living microgreens. 

We use substantially less packaging waste and achieve more product per volume.


2BFresh microgreens and fresh herbs are delivered as fresh as the minute they were harvested: clean, cut and ready to use, no preparations required.

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