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2BFresh Microleaves plating idea

Developed with professional chefs in mind, 2BFresh packaged microgreens and fresh herbs arrive cut, clean and ready to use. Convenient for busy restaurants and a good source of nutrition in home menus as well. 

Save 75% on your microgreens by switching to 2BFresh. 

It's Green. It's Clean. It's Perfect!

2BFresh Microleaves packaging

Easy to Use

Snap open the reusable lid and you’re ready to go. 2BFresh punnets are specially engineered to keep product fresh for up to 10 days. Finished plating for the day? Close and pop 2Bfresh punnets back into the fridge for tomorrow.

2BFresh Microleaves plating idea

Guaranteed Freshness

2BFresh products are packed in engineered-for-freshness clamshell punnets that are easy to open and close. Produce stays fresh for 10 days when stored in refrigeration.

Chef's Kit

2BFresh Microleaves Chef's Kit

An assortment of seven ready-to-use microgreens, specially packed in a handy clamshell kit that is a welcome addition to plating stations.

Mini-Chef's Kit

2BFresh Microleaves Mini-chef's Kit

A smaller version of our popular Chef’s Kit, containing an assortment of 3 different microgreens.

Single Punnets 

2BFresh Microleaves packaging

All microgreens and fresh herbs varieties are available packaged individually in 200 gm, 40 gm, 30 gm, and 15 gm units.