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About 2BFresh

2BFresh, a subsidiary of Teshuva Agricultural Projects Ltd. (TAP), produces a wide variety of fresh microgreens and herbs for local and international markets.


Today, 2BFresh exports over 30 different types of microgreens and fresh herbs to countries in Europe, Asia, and the United States.


TAP’s many years of experience developing soil-less substrate and hydroponic growing methods, coupled with cutting edge postharvest technology in fresh produce, have propelled 2BFresh to become a leading player in the rapidly growing healthy food category of microgreens.


2BFresh advanced growing techniques, developed by TAP, follow strict sustainable growing methods. Picking and packing are carefully timed to ensure freshness for many days. Harvest standards protocols dictate the exact leaf and stem size, as well as the optimal time of day for harvesting.

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