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Microgreens Are Good for You, Too.

More than a pretty plating garnish, microgreens are astonishingly nutritional as well.

Instinctively we all know that eating microgreens has got to be good for us. After all they're fresh, aromatic, crunchy and taste delicious. So we commissioned Dr. Mayer-Chissick (Ph.D), an accomplished researcher of the history of food and nutrition, to prepare a report about the nutritional value of microgreens.

The most important finding is that microgreens, because of their high concentration of essential nutrients, have higher levels of vitamins and minerals when compared to a fully mature plant (per weight). This means that we get more health benefits from eating just a small amount of microgreens. But why would you want to eat only a small amount? They are so flavorsome you’ll be looking for ways to add them to every meal.


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